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How Many Businesses Go Inside Each Goody Bag

For our direct mail campaigns that we ship out, we limit it so that we do not overwhelm the customer. The most choices we place inside are ten companies. We want to give them just enough goodies to make it worth them filling out our Goody Bag Opt In Form. 

When we work with an event that already has their own vendors, we can’t control how many companies are placed inside those particular event bags. 

We do work with some events that do not have their own companies, those are the events that we can control how many companies are placed inside the Goody Bags.

Will I Be Placed Inside Goody Bags That Also Include My Competitor

For our direct mail campaigns, we do not place competing companies inside the Goody Bags. 

For events that we work with and already have their own vendors, we can’t control this. 

There are some events that we do work with and we are able to control who is presented inside the Goody Bags. 

What Guarantee Do You Give

We guarantee that you will be promoted inside the Goody Bags. We show off this proof here on the blog and on social media. We guarantee that your items will go to customers who already have an expressed interest in the types of products and services. We guarantee that we will match your products and services to event guests that make sense.

In other words, we will never send dog items to a person who doesn’t have pets. We will never send kids items to a person who doesn’t have kids. 

If a person has not expressed interest in a type of product or service, we will not randomly send them your items. We use data collected from you and the customer to make the best connection. 

We guarantee your Goody Bag inclusion, your dedicated blog post, and your social media promotions. 

What Customers Do You Have Access To

We have access to customers for almost everything. We try to help out as many different types of customers as possible. We will let you know if your product or service is a right fit for our Goody Bags. Unless we are handling your Goody Bag Marketing campaigns that are distributed to a customer list you are providing for your personal business use. 

We do not use your customer lists for any other purposes or for any solicitations of any kind. 

Our general demographic consists of mainly married women with children and pets. 

Can I Choose A Specific Type Of Demographic Group

Yes! We do not do randomized marketing. We are focused on your results and a customer needs to be met. You can choose as many demographics, states, zip codes and any other specific types of customers you want your Goody Bags to be distributed to.

How Does Distribution Work

Distribution is targeted and focused. Our Goody Bags are distributed through events or through direct mail. We distributed in USA events and addresses only. For Goody Bags that are directly shipped to a customer, they have to opt into and give us permission to get a Goody Bag from us. 


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