Get Your Marketing Materials In Themed Goody Bags

There Are Openings In Themed Goody Bags

These themed goody bags are open for your marketing materials to be placed inside. They are focused around a specific theme so that you can tailor your marketing messages according to that theme. 

We do still adhere to our strict policy of exclusivity per goody bag so that you don’t have to worry or wonder if the customer will choose the other product or service over yours. 

Themed goody bags are distributed the same way as our other goody bags are, they are just more focused and some are even on a more limited edition availability. 

Why Themed Goody Bags

The themes are hyper focused on a specific category of customers. Some are celebrating a birthday, which means they are looking for things that compliment their new age. Baby shower themed goody bags are focused on a new baby, mom, dad, and the family unit as a whole. Dog themed goody bags are even more specific, they go to dog-related events, no wondering who is getting your marketing materials there!

You can create more tailored messages for the customers to relate to. For example, a person celebrating their fiftieth birthday is a huge milestone in one’s life and it can be scary too. You can add marketing messages that relate to both your products or services and tell them how great it is to be fifty.

There are many ways to use themed goody bags to get customers come to you. Check out the themes below to see which ones fit your service and products best. 

You can join them all year round, the openings do not close. We may limit when they are available to customers, depending on the theme.

Which Themed Goody Bags Would You Like To Join

  • Birthday Themed Choose Your Age(s)
  • Dog Themed
  • Cat Themed
  • Children Themed Choose Your Age(s) and Gender Or Go Neutral
  • Baby Shower Theme Choose Gender Or Go neutral
  • Wedding Theme 
  • Christmas Theme
  • Hanukkah Theme
  • New Year Theme
  • New House Theme
  • New Job Theme