Partiez by Leslie

Partiez by Leslie

Want to be a vendor, sponsor or speaker at a Ladies Night in – Special Holiday Edition? This event is planned, coordinated and executed by Partiez by Leslie. Leslie is very involved in her events, she ensures that you have maximum exposure and foot traffic.

12-12 event

She works tirelessly making sure every detail of the event flows smoothly and helps each vendor, sponsor and speaker with plenty of networking opportunities before, during and after the event. She will buddy you up with another vendor so you can help each other in multiple ways.

Behind the scenes she will give you tips, advice and other training’s to help your experience as a vendor, sponsor or speaker at the events give you more Return On Investment than you have seen and received from other event planners.

She is currently looking to secure event sponsors, speakers and vendors for this event as well as other events. Leslie is also available for interviews and other stories. Please Email Leslie Here for more Info.

Were you a vendor, sponsor or speaker at this event? We would love to update this post with your event pictures. If you would like us to share them please Email Your Pictures to us and we will add them here. Thank you.

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