Gotta Get Blogging Conference Sponsors Wanted

Influencers Who Strive to Improve

These are the exact influencers you want on your side.

Gotta Get Blogging Conference is an annual event that takes place in Orlando Florida. It is a one day intensive where hundreds of Go Getter Bloggers come to learn new skills or improve the skills they already have.

gotta get blogging

Influencers of the future want to help their followings with the greatest solutions available. Do you have a solution for something? The influencers would love to know about it. They are always looking for something to talk about on their blog, their vlog and on social media.

Give them something to talk about!

Check out what happened in previous years.

Fl. Blog Con 2013

Fl. Blog Con 2015

Previous Goodies Influencers Were Gifted


What is to be expected this year? I love this years theme, how about you?

We are thrilled to be coordinating, creating, assembling and distributing event bags again, we have been doing it since 2013.

Do you want a few hundred influencers talking about your brand, company, products and services to their followings that reaches into the 100 thousands? This is the event you do not want to pass up.

What a great way to reach a mass media of great influential people.

Items NEED to Arrive by September 20th!

Possible ideas of things we are looking for

  • Paper Goods such as notebooks, notepads, journals etc.
  • Snacks, foods and drinks
  • Pens and other writing accessories
  • Electronics and accessories
  • Travel and related accessories
  • Gift Cards for restaurants

That is just a small list of possible promotional items you can gift these influencers. The more handy, crafty, engaging and useful you are, the better experience you get from this marketing campaign.

The list of things that bloggers, vloggers and social media community managers use on a daily basis is a very long one, so get creative, think about what represents your brand, your company, your products and your services best. What will give you, the attendee and their audiences the most return on investment?

We are happy to answer any questions you have about the types of goodies you may be considering or need help with obtaining. We can help you with offering quotes for you to get all types of promotional items, branded as well. You can ask your questions in the comments or use the form below.

Ready to offer these influencers an experience they will be ecstatic to share with their communities? We are filling up 600 event bags.

There is No Cost for your business to be included inside the Blogger Bags, you do need to provide the supplies (which we can help you put together).You can add as much as you want to each bag, you must provide enough items for all 600 bags. 

We will also be talking about your brand, services and products on Product Gab and on some of our Facebook pages.

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