Doggy Run Sponsors Wanted

Doggy Run is in its third year already;

How cool is that!

Doggy Run was created by Mud Run Fun for dogs around Brevard County Florida to have a chance to have some Halloween fun as well as get to know some other dogs around the county.

The main event is their signature Dog Run that owners can choose between a 1 mile or 5K (3.2 miles) Halloween themed Doggie Run.

dog run swag

Here at Goody Bag Marketing we have the honor of putting their

Doggy Bags together!

Items NEED to Arrive by October 25th!

Some things we are looking for, not a full list of possibilities. If it relates to dogs and owning a dog, we are looking for YOU.

  • Dog Treats
  • Dog Food Samples
  • Dog Toys
  • Dog Grooming
  • Dog Health, Wellness and Fitness
  • Dog Accessories
  • Dog Owner necessities
  • Dog Services

That is just a short list of things that we would love to place inside the Doggie Bags. The items that are placed inside do need to be related to dogs and dog ownership. Things that owners can actively and readily use to give or use with their K9 to give them the utmost treatment and spoil their furbabies.

Maybe you are a dog groomer, maybe you wrote a book about the proper care and or training for dogs, maybe you have created the Best treat or dog food formula; Whatever you have created just for dogs and their owners, we would love to add them inside these Doggie Bags.


We are happy to answer any questions you have about the types of goodies you may be considering or need help with obtaining. We can help you with offering quotes for you to get all types of dog related promotional items branded as well. You can ask your questions in the comments or use the form below.

Ready to offer your products and services to 250 dogs and their super-fur owners?

There is No Cost for your business to be included inside the Doggy Bags, you do need to provide the supplies (which we can help you put together).

Your inclusion allows you to get direct advertising and marketing that is focused on your exact buyer –

The Dog and The Dog Owner.

We will also be talking about your brand, services and products on Financially Shopping and on some of our Facebook pages. 

Fill out the form below so we can get all your info and get you in. View Doggy Run Media Kit

doggy run


Current Sponsors for this event


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