Lumberjack 5K Vendors Wanted

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Will the lumberjacks log be their best friend or become their enemy? Lumberjack 5K was created by Mud Run Fun in Brevard County Florida. They have various events where they set up fun, interesting and challenging obstacles and trails to push you to the limits. Lumberjack 5K is no different. A lumberjack-themed, log-carrying, trail 5k with camping, a movie and bonfire the night before the event. We love planning, coordinating, assembling and distributing Mud Run Fun’s Mud Bags. Items NEED to Arrive by November 30th! Some items that we are looking for Fitness related Health related Wellness related Endurance related Healthy foods, drinks and snacks Water bottles – camel packs Fitness accessories Fitness clothing and footwear That is just a small list of possible promotional items you can gift these obstacle course and fitness enthusiasts. The more handy, crafty, engaging and...

Gotta Get Blogging Conference Sponsors Wanted

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Influencers Who Strive to Improve These are the exact influencers you want on your side. Gotta Get Blogging Conference is an annual event that takes place in Orlando Florida. It is a one day intensive where hundreds of Go Getter Bloggers come to learn new skills or improve the skills they already have. Influencers of the future want to help their followings with the greatest solutions available. Do you have a solution for something? The influencers would love to know about it. They are always looking for something to talk about on their blog, their vlog and on social media. Give them something to talk about! Check out what happened in previous years. Fl. Blog Con 2013 Official Guide of Florida Blogger & Social Media Conference 2013 from FLBlogCon Fl. Blog Con 2015 FLblogCon 2015 – Official Conference Guide from FLBlogCon Previous Goodies Influencers Were Gifted   What is...

Doggy Run Sponsors Wanted

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Doggy Run is in its third year already; How cool is that! Doggy Run was created by Mud Run Fun for dogs around Brevard County Florida to have a chance to have some Halloween fun as well as get to know some other dogs around the county. The main event is their signature Dog Run that owners can choose between a 1 mile or 5K (3.2 miles) Halloween themed Doggie Run. Here at Goody Bag Marketing we have the honor of putting their Doggy Bags together! Items NEED to Arrive by October 25th! Some things we are looking for, not a full list of possibilities. If it relates to dogs and owning a dog, we are looking for YOU. Dog Treats Dog Food Samples Dog Toys Dog Grooming Dog Health, Wellness and Fitness Dog Accessories Dog Owner necessities Dog Services That is just a short list of things that we would love to place inside the Doggie Bags. The items that are placed inside do need to be related to...

Partiez by Leslie

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Partiez by Leslie Want to be a vendor, sponsor or speaker at a Ladies Night in – Special Holiday Edition? This event is planned, coordinated and executed by Partiez by Leslie. Leslie is very involved in her events, she ensures that you have maximum exposure and foot traffic. She works tirelessly making sure every detail of the event flows smoothly and helps each vendor, sponsor and speaker with plenty of networking opportunities before, during and after the event. She will buddy you up with another vendor so you can help each other in multiple ways. Behind the scenes she will give you tips, advice and other training’s to help your experience as a vendor, sponsor or speaker at the events give you more Return On Investment than you have seen and received from other event planners. She is currently looking to secure event sponsors, speakers and vendors for this event as well...

How Do You Reward Yourself?

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How do you reward yourself? Do you reward yourself? I see so many people skip this very important step. So you have met your a specific goal you wanted and needed to accomplish. I am so happy for you! How are you rewarding yourself? You worked so hard making that happen. You need to celebrate. Be sure to tell us how do you reward yourself. Let us know what you accomplished and what the prize was.

Crushing It

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Crushing It I want to hear about how you are Crushing It in your business. What are your recent accomplishments? How did you get there? Did you do it alone or with support? Tell us who helped you achieve your recent gains.    

Contribute to Our Editorial Pieces

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Contribute to Our Editorial Pieces We get emails and social media messages that contains all types of questions and people needing help with things. We have our own questions as well. We would love to be able to include some of your answers inside our blog posts. Find below topics we are working on. Choose topics that you have direct experience with and share your expertise with our communities. There are some topics that are sensitive and we would love to respect your right to privacy, which is why on certain topics you can still participate as an anonymous contributor. We are looking for Dr.’s Lawyers, Psychologists, Coaches and so many more. Too many to list out. So I will post the topic and you can choose what you want to participate in and how. To keep things organized for my team they are in Google Docs, just click on the topic and a Google form will open up. Look through...

Health, Fitness and Nutrition Ideas for Goody Bags

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Filler ideas for Health, Fitness and Nutrition categories Does your business offer services and products in these areas? Health Fitness Nutrition There are so many different things you can do in these areas. Think about what you help your patient or client achieve. What is the expected return on investment your client gets from you? Is it a yearly check-up? Is it help and support for mental stability? Are you a life coach? Do you ensure their mouth, teeth and gums are as healthy as can be? Do you help them with a diabetic meal plan? The end result your client gets from working with you will help you when choosing Goody Bag fillers.  Whether you are helping parents with their children’s health care needs, an emergency facility, a specialist, a trainer, a coach, dentist, mental health, dietitian, or anything else related to Health, Fitness and Nutrition. There is always something...